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Alec Morisons Watercolour Paintings Rich and Vibrant

Celebrating 21 years in the making and 21 years since they were first exhibited
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Product Code: ISBN 978-1-910785-11-9

...When Herbert Geuter, Alec, and I, retired in 1974, we agreed to work together making colour and form the starting point for painting, and to explore the potentials of abstract art. In choosing subjects which would call for rich colour we turned to mythology and Eastern cultures. For us this meant an eye opening study of the classics and eastern literature, which for Herbert Geuter was familiar ground. He helped us also to appreciate the books, "Creative Imagination" by Ibn Arabi and "The Philosophy Of Freedom" by Rudolf Steiner.

We evolved a method of work in which he would indicate by a rough sketch a composition of some chosen theme from which we made further sketches. Having selected one of these Dr. Geuter and I translated it into a small version in colour. Alec developed this into a water-colour painting on a large scale which took considerable time to complete. It was the beginning of many years of cooperation. Sadly Herbert Geuter died in 1983. Nevertheless Alec was able to continue the series of pictures which we had already worked on together in sketches and small paintings, so that by 1994 fifty-six pictures were completed.
Edith G. Morison

This unique working together of three people produced extraordinary almost extrasensory Art.

Herbert Geuter "The Concept", Edith G. Morison "The Development" and Alec Morison "The Execution" of each of the 56 paintings in the series. "

...It is the use of watercolour of a quality that I've rarely seen, he understands watercolour very profoundly as a real craftsman...."
Brendan Flynn, Keeper of Fine Art at the Wolverhampton Art Gallery & Museums 1975-1998.

Published: December 2015

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

Author: Alec and Edith Morison

Number of Pages: 150

Size: 216 x 216 mm

Full colour reproductions of 56 paintings and photos


ISBN: 978-1-910785-11-9