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Johannes Steuck, White Sand and Grey Sand Autobiography

White Sand and Grey Sand is about his early life up to leaving school.
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Product Code: ISBN 978-0-9569266-9-2

Johannes Steuck's work in stained glass and sculpture is extensive. This frank autobiography opens with the lives of his forebears, gives a window into W W II, Jewishness and being German. It describes the seemingly fated meeting of his parents in the Camphill Communities in Scotland, and his own arrival.

White Sand and Grey Sand tells of the early days of Camphill, its pioneering community spirit, the small seeds of decay already present, its festivals and its colourful characters. Sometimes perhaps, he skirts close to the edge of what should be communicated, but in all fairness, this is balanced by humour and self-deprecation.

Wynstones School is portrayed as it was in the 'sixties and 'seventies, with its extraordinary teachers dedicated to renewing education. Johannes describes boarding away from home at the age of nine, growing up, love, first travels, and the inevitable tension between the individual in a small self-contained community and the greater world. And in common with other creative individuals from minority groups, leading to tension and conscious absorption.

Running through it all there is an enthusiasm for the world and its creatures, friendships and the beginnings of Johannes' development as an artist. This interesting and entertaining book should appeal both to the 'insider' and the general reader.

Series Synopsis:

White Sand and Grey Sand:
Vol. 1 March 1956 to August 1974

Still to be published:

Guilty but Insane:
Vol. 2 September 1974 to November1982

The Unsuspected Teachings – A Kashmir Diary:
Vol. 3 November 1982 to March 1983

The Art of the unemployable:
Vol. 4 April 1983 to December 2010




Published: 2015

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

Author: Johannes Steuck

266 pp

244 x 170 mm

Coloured Illustrations

ISBN: 978-0-9569266-9-2