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By Lea van der Pals Tran. Alan Stott: THE HUMAN BEING AS MUSIC describes essence and effects of music.
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Product Code: SBN 1-869981-46-4

The Human Being as Music describes essence and effects of music. The author seeks deeper perspectives, beyond ordinary aesthetic appreciation, based on a lifetime's experience of eurythmy. Eurythmy, in which music is expressed visually, was initially developed from 1912 by Rudolf Steiner (1861 - 1925). An important and invaluable aspect of this book is the presentation of Steiner's contribution on music, mainly in his own words.

Lea van der Pals was born in Berlin in 1909 of Russian and Dutch parents. The family moved to Arlesheim in Germany in 1915 to help build the First Goetheanum, Rudolf Steiner's working centre. Lea, at age six, performed in the first complete production of Goethe's Faust under the direction of both Rudolf and Marie Steiner. Throughout her life she continued to perform and participate in numerous eurythmy productions and to take a lead in eurythmy training. She has toured and taught extensively throughout Europe and North America.

Many have benefitted from Lea van der Pals' extensive experience and from her artistic example. This book will inspire all who are seriously interested in enhancing the quality of their life, and that of others, through the arts. Although The Human Being as Music assumes some prior knowledge of Rudolf Steiner's picture of man, the book is an accompaniment to any artistic endeavour encouraging renewal from within.


Published: new edition 2014

Publisher: Anastasi Ltd

Paperback: 216 x 140 mm

Booklet: 132 pp

ISBN: 978-0-9569266-5-4